Give Mom Jewelry this Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is a chance to make your mom feel special. Why not surprise her with a gift that celebrates her style—give mom jewelry! If you’re looking for Mother’s Day jewelry gifts, here are some ideas that any woman would love. Because she deserves it!

Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts

Just like fashion, jewelry trends come and go. This year, here are some of the top pieces to consider.

Long Earrings

Women are taking their earrings to new lengths, literally, these days. Keep mom on trend with a statement pair that hang past the shoulder.

Splashes of Coral

Coral coloring is the big trend of 2019. You can find many Mother’s Day necklaces with a coral-colored jewel inset or beaded beauty. If coral isn’t her thing, don’t worry! The Jewelry Design Gallery has a wide selection of styles and colors she’s sure to love.


Whether or not she likes to stay on trend, you can give mom jewelry that never goes out of style. Birthstones are always a classic choice. What’s yours? Get creative and piece of jewelry set with your birthstone to honor her greatest accomplishment—YOU!


Pearls have always been the choice for the classy, sophisticated woman. Vintage looks are in right now and that means pearls are back in style. Go big and choose a statement piece like a pearl ring.

Colored Gold
Rose gold and Black Hills Gold and are two tinted varieties growing in popularity. Their unique shades create an endless variety of ways to showcase your mom’s unique personality and taste.

Bangle Bracelet Sets

Stacked halfway up the arm or a select few chosen for the right mix signature bangles, bracelet sets and fashion cuffs make the best arm candy!

Find Mother’s Day Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets and More at the Jewelry Design Gallery

No matter what you have in mind, our gallery has a wide selection of Mother’s Day jewelry gifts that will be perfect. And if you’re not sure what to get, our experts are here to help. Browse online or visit us today!

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