Custom Design Jewelers: Creating Signature Jewelry Since 1984

You know you’re unique—so why should your jewelry blend in with the pack? Jewelry Design Gallery is New Jersey’s premiere custom design jewelers making one of a kind statement pieces from rings to necklaces.

If you’re looking to design your own engagement ring or perhaps stand out with a statement necklace or new pair of earrings, we will work with you and your special piece from design to model making to ensure that your dream comes to life!


Design Your Own Engagement Ring or Customized Necklace

All it takes to create that standout engagement ring or customized necklace is truly a dream!

Most of our clients come in with a piece of inspiration, such as:

  • A sketch
  • A picture
  • Magazine images
  • Your imagination

Our jewelry designers work painstakingly to create jaw dropping or heartfelt looks that only you in your own heart and mind create. You do the dreaming—we do the creating.

How Jewelry Designers Work

Our designers have a process whenever they make a custom bracelet or ring—whatever the piece may be!


Our team of designers create the model for you using a computerized method of jewelry design called Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM).  Throughout the entire creation process, we would email renderings to the customer so they are entirely engaged every step of the way. Any ideas or changes to the model could easily be done with our computers show our client exactly what the item will look and feel like before we set diamonds, etc.


Once we get the approval on the concept, we then grow the item on our 3D printer. Before we cast in Gold or Platinum, we show the client the item in wax form, so every detail could easily be seen.


Create Your Vision: From a Custom Bracelet to a Ring

When you want quality craftsmanship on your custom jewelry pieces, come to the best: Jewelry Design Gallery! Creating jeweled visions since 1984, we pride ourselves on our art and craft– none of our work is ever outsourced and we seek your input throughout the development process to ensure an end product that can be worn with pride.

From the wax to a breathtaking finish, if you’re dreaming of a unique piece of jewelry, let us turn your dream into a reality.  As the largest jewelry design and manufacturing center in New Jersey, Jewelry Design Gallery can create any custom piece you desire.  We make the process worry-free, too, by asking for your input every step of the way.  If you don’t absolutely love the results after you get home and wear it, we promise to start over.  Keeping you happy is that important to us.

Call us today to consult at 732-536-1184.