All About Colored Stone Pendant Jewelry in 2020

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The appeal of colored stone pendant jewelry has led to a boost in demand for precious gemstones minerals. Previously overshadowed by classics like emeralds, rubies and sapphires. more unique choices like rare spinel, imperial topaz, and garnet are emerging as more people seek precious accessories to express themselves and complement their looks.

How can you make your bold entry into the world of colored gemstones?
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Here are three trends every gemstone jewelry buyer should know in 2020.

Jewelry Lovers are Gravitating Toward the Blue Stone Necklace

With Pantone announcing Classic Blue as the color of the year, you’ll see this versatile color featured in plenty of pieces. On the higher end, you can go with the classic sapphire, but a stone necklace of kyanite and tanzanite are a more accessible price point and still boast the true iconic gemmy blue

Feeling Fall

Garnet and carnelian are poised to stand out this year as the fall colors—oranges, reds, and greens—ease into winter and soften for spring. Best of all, the hue will look good on you, no matter what skin tone or hair color you have. Be sure to pick up a multi colored gemstone necklace with imperial topaz at the high end, and carnelian at the low end.

Pretty in Pink

Pink gemstones add feminine elegance and class to any outfit. Keep an eye out for pink tourmaline and rubellite, both of which are beautiful as the highlight of a ring or bracelet. For a more earthy, sustainable option, choose coral, which is made from living organisms and comes in various shades of pinks and reds.

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