Turning Old Jewelry into New Jewelry

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Every piece of jewelry seems to have a story. Whether you picked out the perfect earrings for your mother, you were given a watch for graduation, or you received a family heirloom after a loved one passed away, jewelry is meaningful. The best stories involve turning old jewelry into new jewelry, and custom jewelers become a part of this narrative all the time.

One of the Best Repurposed Jewelry Ideas

Picture this. Sharon’s mother passed away when she was very young. Mom left behind some beautiful jewelry that Sharon’s father kept in a safe for when she and her younger sister were older. But then Dad passed away unexpectedly years later. Now she and her sister had both parents’ jewelry. Sharon had heard you could redesign old jewelry, so she did some research and found the Jewelry Design Gallery.

Sharon visited us for a consultation, and we discussed some repurposed jewelry ideas. What would be the best way to turn her old jewelry into new jewelry in a truly meaningful way? Together, we came up with an incredibly special plan. Our skilled jewelers have decades of experience melting gold jewelry into new jewelry, and Sharon decided to use that expertise to design a special gift for her sister.

The Jewelry Design Gallery melted down the silver and gold from both parents’ jewelry pieces, and created two unique bracelets, which she gave to her sister for Mother’s Day. Because we redesign old jewelry, we were able to create two new beautiful reminders of the sisters’ parents to be worn and treasured forever.

Start Your Story by Turning Old Jewelry into New Jewelry

The options are endless when it comes to repurposed jewelry ideas. Whether you, too, are interested in melting gold jewelry into new jewelry or taking diamonds from an old bracelet to make an engagement ring, our experts have you covered. Visit us today to see what we can do for you.

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