Romantic Ways to Propose

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You’ve found the love of your life and you’re ready to propose. What will you say? Where will you be? Have you already started engagement ring shopping but haven’t quite figured out how you will pop the question? If you could use a little inspiration, put your own spin on one of the following romantic ways to propose.

5 Creative Proposal Ideas

  1. Go to your favorite spot

There are likely many places that have personal significance for the two of you. Whether it’s where you first met, a city rooftop, or a national park, bring your loved one to that location. Before you go, you can ask a friend or family member if they can be there to capture the proposal on film, or ask someone to assist once you’re there. When it comes to creative proposal ideas, choosing a place you visit often provides the perfect chance for an element of surprise.

  1. Create a treasure hunt

Spend some time designing a treasure hunt that leads your fiancé-to-be to you and your proposal. Begin with a clue at home, such as a handwritten note or text message, and leave your other clues at various spots around town. Have a picky partner? Local jewelry stores like the Jewelry Design Gallery would love for you to lead your loved straight to their doors. There, you can do the engagement ring shopping together, allowing them to choose something that’s perfectly their style.

  1. Make it a public affair

Does your partner love theater or professional sports? You can easily get in touch with a stage manager or controller of the “big screen” to put your proposal front and center. For the theatre-lover, you can plan ahead and have the proposal included in the playbill, and even have the production cast do the asking after curtain call. This is one of the most romantic ways to propose because they will probably not expect it, and it will be a memorable event to share for a lifetime.

  1. Commission an artist

Creative proposal ideas can quite literally be creative. Think back over your relationship and select some sweet moments the two of your shared. Hire an artist to bring these memories to life in a painting or drawing. The art can be small enough to be featured in a coffee table book so that you can flip though it whenever you like. If you’ve already gone engagement ring shopping, recreate that experience for your second-to-last piece and have the artist sketch your vision of the proposal moment for the last page.

  1. Choose the stone together

The most romantic ways to propose involve shared experiences. If you suspect your partner is not the diamond type, you can visit some local mines and select precious gemstones that can be used in the design of the engagement ring. Many local jewelry stores like the Jewelry Design Gallery will custom design a ring with any elements you bring them. 

Start Your Engagement Ring Shopping with the Jewelry Design Gallery

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