You love that emerald ring so much that you can’t remember the last time you took it off. You finally try to remove it, and it won’t budge. Your swollen ring finger doesn’t want to let this one go. What can you do? Grab some butter? Google “remove tight ring”? Believe it or not, now’s the time to visit the Jewelry Design Gallery.

Where to Get a Ring Cut Off

Your ring should never be so small or tight that you can’t remove it yourself, but when you need emergency ring removal, our professional jewelers know exactly what to do. We get calls all the time from people concerned about a ring being stuck on their finger. Whether it’s the heat, new medicine, or even a heavy workout that caused your swollen ring finger, the last thing you want to do is try to cut the ring off yourself.

Before our jewelers even think about cutting the ring, we’ll use some simple techniques that have been proven to work. If cutting is the only option, our experts know how and where to cut a ring off in a way that can save the ring from any further damage. Depending on the type of metal, our jewelers may be able to resize and solder your ring back together. That said, you should also consider going to your physician if your own attempts at ring removal have put your safety at risk.

Remove Tight Ring, Right Around the Corner

We know how important jewelry can be, especially wedding rings, engagement rings, or heirloom pieces. Don’t risk further damage by putting that ring, or your swollen ring finger, in harm’s way. Contact the Jewelry Design Gallery for help (and why not do a little shopping while you’re here!).