Popular Jewelry of 2020: The Bracelet Edition

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Every time we need to perk up our outfits, accessories like bracelets come to the rescue. So, what are the popular jewelry trends when it comes to the wrists this year? Whether you’re feeling experimental and leaning toward something bold or you like keeping it classic with delicate gold, we’ve rounded up the best styles that you can shop right now to switch up your accessory game.

The Chunky Gold Bracelet

Gold jewelry is having its moment, and the runways are providing even more evidence that the metal will be gaining traction in the coming months. Go bold with a chunky gold bracelet like a cuff or experiment with chunky chains.

Chain Game
Statement-making jewelry won’t be hard to find this year thanks to the big chain trend. If hanging today’s much-loved giant chain around your neck isn’t for you, a lightweight chain bracelet on your wrist can be your intro into the style.

Bangle Designs

Labeled as a key microtrend for 2020, a stack of simple bangles on your wrist will ensure you’re on-trend this year. Layering and stacking bangles can be individual to you, while also conveying that you know what’s in style. Not to mention, you can build up your bangle collection over time, adding new pieces to create a different mix-and-match look every day.

Loud and Colorful

When it comes to color and jewelry, don’t be afraid to mix up your stones and metals. The more mishmash the bracelet, the easier it is to pair with your wardrobe as it opens up the range of shades to coordinate.


This is the year for heirloom jewelry, whether you raid your grandmother’s stash or use pieces of a generational piece to make something completely new. From a locket or a family bracelet to your Dad’s vintage chain necklace, family heirlooms are the hottest arm jewelry these days.


This mid-century see-through trend has many variations, from extra-bright colors to gold accents. Try out a chunky cuff or several stacked bangle designs.


Stacking bracelets in different combinations helps you create your own unique look. With so many metals, gemstones, and styles to choose from, you’re able to showcase something truly special.

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