Meaningful Jewelry Makes the Perfect Gift

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Jewelry boxes around the country are full of more than just rings, necklaces and earrings. There’s a story about a first kiss. A memory of a favorite aunt. There are gemstone rings that sit in waiting, sparkling until they’re passed down to a daughter on her sweet 16. A string of pearls that’s damaged but too beautiful to throw away. Meaningful jewelry stands the test of time, and that’s why it makes the perfect gift.

How to Find Inspirational Jewelry Gifts

Professional jewelers like the Jewelry Design Gallery understand that jewelry has meaning. A gift of jewelry begins a story and is often a beautiful way to mark a special date. Whether it’s a child receiving one of her first inspirational bracelets for charms, or her mother receiving a pair of gold earrings from her dad on the day she was born, one piece of meaningful jewelry can collect a lifetime of memories, which can be passed on.

If you’re looking for inspirational jewelry gifts for a loved one or friend, consider the following:

  • Buy a jewelry gift for milestone moments like birthdays, graduations, the birth of a baby, anniversaries and holidays.
  • Choose a piece that incorporates their birthstone, their favorite color or something that reflects their sense of style. Gemstone rings are always a colorful option.
  • Old, unfavorable or damaged jewelry make the most inspirational jewelry gifts. A professional jeweler can completely redesign it to make something new, by:
    • Repurposing a ring into a pendant
    • Taking diamonds from a bracelet and turning them into a pair of earrings
    • Restringing pearls to a shorter length
    • Giving quiet gemstones sparkling halos
    • Turning gold settings into platinum
    • Turning pendants into gemstone rings

Meaningful Jewelry is Made at the Jewelry Design Gallery

At the Jewelry Design Gallery, we create inspirational jewelry gifts every day. Discover how you design a special memory for someone you care about by stopping by the gallery or calling 732-536-1184 today.

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