Go Ahead, Make Your “Good” Jewelry Your Everyday Jewelry

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It’s believed that you should relegate your high end jewelry to special occasions. So, those beautiful opal earrings or that stunning diamond bracelet remain in a lockbox only to see the light at weddings and black-tie events. It’s time to shake things up. Go ahead and wear your “good” jewelry every day! Here’s how and why.

The Best Fine Jewelry to Wear Casually

Rarely does a less-is-more philosophy apply to “bling,” but when it comes to everyday jewelry, it’s all about subtlety. Many local jewelers take this into consideration when designing custom made jewelry, prompting people to forgo costume pieces for the real thing. The following high end jewelry styles may be less flashy, but no less captivating, making each ideal to wear with a variety of styles.

Luxurious, Yet Effortless

Gold and diamond bangle bracelets can be luxurious and effortless simultaneously. You can wear them alone as a simple statement piece or stacked for a bolder look.


Simply Meaningful

There is some inherently sentimental about wearing something close to your heart. Locket necklaces are the perfect option in custom made jewelry, able to be as embellished or simple as you wish.

Handmade Meets High End Jewelry

Everyday jewelry is a form of self-expression. Try mixing it up by blending some of your high end favorites with artisan pieces you find in your travels around the world.

Stunningly Subtle

The best fine jewelry lives on your nightstand. Something like a strand of pearls is beautiful enough that you’ll want to wear it every day but subtle enough that you can get away with it.

Unexpected Color

You’ll find that custom made jewelry provides the most opportunity for a unique look. A pop of color does just that. Choose a bold precious gemstone ring and you’ll never want to take it off.

Design Your Everyday Jewelry

When it comes to high end jewelry – or any jewelry, in fact – it’s all about wearing what makes you feel good the moment you put it on. The best way to achieve that is by having pieces custom made. At the Jewelry Design Gallery in Manalapan, that’s our specialty. We offer custom made jewelry and a full stock of the best fine jewelry you can confidently wear every day. Stop in or call 732-536-1184 today.

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