Make Jewelry Personal with Engraved Jewelry for Her & Him

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When you have a jewelry lover in your life, you never have to wonder what to buy for a gift. But how can you turn a bracelet, necklace or ring into a more personal, thoughtful surprise? Have it engraved! Engraved jewelry for her and him is a special way to commemorate special dates, send a custom message or simply add initials for a unique touch.

Although many jewelers offer engraving services, you may think the piece doesn’t provide enough space for your customization. The good news is, skilled experts know just the way to add flair while keeping the piece tasteful and elegant. Many of these craftsmen can engrave by hand or harness the power of technology with machine engraving. In short, there are options for every budget.

Here are just a few ideas to make jewelry more personal.

Engraved Rings

Whether you’d like to add to an existing piece or personalize a new one, engraved rings are always a special gift for jewelry aficionados. Your professional jewelry store will likely offer a selection of letters, symbols, zodiac signs, emojis, monograms and more to embellish both men’s and women’s rings in the metal of your choosing.

Engraved Watches

Everyone has at least one person in their life with a watch obsession. You can make a luxurious piece that much more significant with a personalized engraving. Adding either a name, date, symbol or design takes this classic piece to the next level.

Engraved Lockets

A locket necklace is clearly the ultimate in personalized jewelry—but adding an engraved element takes it up a notch. Your jeweler should be able to insert your photos inside the lockets, then design a message, lettering or quote in your favorite font and color to fit inside. Whether you start from scratch with a one-of-a-kind piece or update a pre-existing design with your preferred engravement, this is a modern way to update a classic.

Personalize Your Jewelry Today

Whether you’re memorializing a birthday, anniversary or accomplishment, customizing a family heirloom with initials, or just adding an unexpected personal touch, the Jewelry Design Gallery is ready to bring it to life. We’re here for all your engraved jewelry for her and him!

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