Jewelry for Her: Dangle Earrings or a Layered Necklace?

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Having a daughter is a true blessing. Their strength, smarts, wit and devotion to their families are so endearing, that truly she deserves to have some jewelry for her as a holiday gift this year. Doesn’t she?

Especially as you’re shopping gifts for adult daughters, it can be difficult to find something that truly shows both how special she is as a daughter and also, how special your relationship is together. No matter what, jewelry is really a heartfelt, unique, thoughtful and special gift that she will treasure more than another sweater, another gift card or even a pair of beloved shoes! (Yes, ladies love shoes, no doubt.)

Gifting her with trendy dangle earrings or a classic 3-tier layered necklace can be the gift that she recalls and talks about until she’s grown and out of the home…having perhaps, her own daughters!

Gifts for Adult Daughter: How to Gift Her This Holiday

Okay, so now that you realize that truly, one of the best gifts you can get for your beloved daughter is jewelry, what are some great suggestions to give her this holiday season?

Well, from dangle earrings to colored stone bracelets, there are so many possibilities for women with style preferences all across the board.

Let’s start right around the neck!

Classic Styles:

For the daughter who veers towards classic and clean-cut styles, an initial necklace can be understated (as well as trendy. For women who like trendy styles, seek out a choker style initial necklace or a necklace that has gothic or interesting-style lettering) and perfect as a gift.

– Simple one initial hanging from either a single-strand or layered style is rather pretty

– One circle or three circles that get gradually larger on a 3-tier layered style is also gorgeous.

Another classic and beautiful gift is a birthstone necklace.

This is especially good if your daughter is a mom or a mom-to-be. We know she’ll love a necklace that shares both her birthstone and her children/child-to-be.


More Funky or Personalized:

Is your daughter one who likes her name on everything? Is she a bit funky?

Consider these styles:

  • Nameplate necklaces in funky lettering
  • Chokers
  • Necklaces with celestial/new age themes—evil eye symbol, crescents, etc.
  • Statement necklaces 

All About Bracelets & Earrings: Drop Earrings & Colored Stone Bracelets

For the girl who loves something to adorn her wrists or ears, here are a few suggestions:


  • Diamond studs—great classic look and an investment piece
  • Asymmetrical styles—from a stud on one side to a dangling earring on the other, this style is on trend
  • Drop Earrings: Big crystal style earrings are for the trendy daughter
  • Studs and nails capture the punk/upcycle look on runways for 2017/2018
  • Major pearls—from large hoops…to studs for a simple lady, these can go from trend to classic

And a bracelet is also oh-so sweet to gift your favorite daughter!

  • Colored stone bracelets are gorgeous
  • Hand bracelets that connect from her hand to a stack of rings on her finger are the latest major look.
  • Charm bracelets: let her customize and show who she is—painter, virgo, mom of three…the possibilities are endless here!

Whatever piece of jewelry you bestow on your daughter this year, we know she’ll be touched and thrilled. This is a gift that says: Daughter, you really matter!

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