Ideas for Inherited Jewelry that’s not Your Style

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When we lose a loved one, we’re left with wonderful memories, photos, and videos – but often, we end up inheriting their jewelry. There’s a lot of emotion tied to that inherited diamond ring or bangle bracelet. So, what if you don’t like the piece or pieces that were left for you? They don’t have to go to waste! We’ve got some great ideas for inherited jewelry that’s not quite your taste.

Consider Redesigning Inherited Jewelry

Your inherited jewelry may not be your style, but did you realize it can easily become repurposed vintage jewelry? You can turn those earrings or necklace into something incredibly meaningful that you’ll love to wear. There are plenty of ways to pay tribute to your departed family member or friend while not necessarily wearing their jewelry as is.

Make something old, something new.

Redesigning inherited jewelry gives you a brand-new piece that suits your taste while memorializes your loved one. How can you do it? Turn that inherited diamond ring into a bracelet, or even combine it with some dazzling colored gemstones. Meet with a jewelry designer and together you can create unique, customized repurposed vintage jewelry that you’ll love wearing. While it may feel insensitive to take apart their beloved piece, redesigning it gives it a new history.

Donate it.

Did your dearly departed have a charity or foundation they supported? Was their death connected to a disease like cancer or a heart condition? If you’d rather not keep the jewelry for yourself, one of the best ideas for inherited jewelry is to donate it in their name. Whether it’s animal rights, the environment, the arts, or any other meaningful cause, this is a truly touching way to honor your passed loved one.

Plan a trip using the jewelry to finance it.

Many of us like to take a trip down memory lane after a loved one passes away. Whether we simply haven’t had the time to visit the places of our youth, or there was a trip you always wanted to take with your deceased family member or friend, that inheritance can come in handy. If you’re not keeping them, consider selling the pieces to help finance that trip. The memories you create by doing so will be just as valuable as that inherited diamond ring or necklace.

Learn More About Redesigned and Repurposed Vintage Jewelry

We know how important inherited jewelry can be, especially wedding rings, family heirlooms, and truly valuable custom pieces. But if you don’t like the piece or see no use for it, don’t simply stuff it in a drawer and forget about it. Visit the Jewelry Design Gallery in Manalapan, NJ, and let’s chat about ideas for inherited jewelry. Contact us today at 732-536-1184.

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