Get Exactly What You Want with a Custom Jewelry Maker

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Do you have some jewelry in mind that you just can’t find at the store or on a website? Have you tried looking for the perfect pair of earrings but couldn’t find it at your local jeweler? A custom jewelry maker is exactly what you’re looking for.

Unique Custom Jewelry is Made for You

First, you should know that custom jewelry is not the same as “customized” jewelry. If you go to a local jeweler to get something engraved or use a website service to build a piece of jewelry from a bunch of options, you’re getting customized jewelry. Unique custom jewelry is designed and built from scratch. One design, one piece of jewelry, and something truly one of a kind.

When to Look for A Custom Jewelry Maker

  • Create a version of your mother’s lost bracelet
  • Breathe new life into an old pair of earrings
  • Use a gemstone from a less favorable piece of jewelry
  • Build a ring inspired by something you saw in a store
  • Use your grandmother’s diamond as part of your fiancé’s engagement ring

Regardless what inspires your vision or need, unique custom jewelry is the ultimate expression of individuality and thoughtfulness.

How to Work with a Custom Jeweler

  1. Solidify your idea.
    Whether the jewelry is for yourself or someone else, consider all the details.

    • What metal are you looking for? Silver, gold, titanium, platinum?
    • Do you want to incorporate gemstones? Gem-quality minerals like opal? Diamonds or colored gems?
    • Any particular style in mind? Traditional, art deco, contemporary, filigreed?
    • Working with other pieces of jewelry? Gather them to bring to your local jeweler.
    • Have a photo of what you’re looking for? Get it handy. Can you sketch? Go for it.
  1. Look for a custom jewelry maker.If you live in the Monmouth County area, you’re lucky to have one of the finest unique custom jewelry designers right around the corner. Make an appointment. Bring all the details we just discussed.
  1. Crystallize your vision.
    You have a vision. Working with your local jeweler, you’ll be able to refine it. Discuss your idea and show them all of the supporting materials. The jeweler will ask questions and build on your ideas, possibly even enhancing your sketch by hand or using computer-aided design. From there, you’ll discuss the cost, which can vary depending on the labor and materials.
  1. Give final approval.
    You may have several appointments before finalizing your design or be lucky enough to finish up in one session. Once you’ve both agreed on the final design, you’ll give final approval your jewelry design begins.

A custom jewelry maker needs time to bring your vision to life. Depending on the complexity of your piece, the process can take anywhere from three to eight weeks. The end result will be an heirloom creation treasured for years to come! Well worth the wait!

Find Your Unique Custom Jewelry at the Jewelry Design Gallery.

At the Jewelry Design Gallery in Manalapan, we can create something truly special that exceeds your expectations. Stop in today or call 732-536-1184 to learn more.

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