Fix Jewelry, Don’t Forget It!

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Did you damage your favorite necklace and bury it in the back of your jewelry box? Have you thrown out a pair of earrings because one piece earring broke? Don’t fret or toss the broken pieces you love–our experts can fix jewelry for you so you can start wearing it again!

Your Local Jewelry Repair Shop Can Save the Pieces You Love

If you’re not handy with repairing tiny little clasps or soldering broken connectors, you can have it professionally repaired at your local jewelry repair shop. Here are just a few of the benefits.

Quick and Easy

A lot of jewelry damage can be repaired very easily while you wait. Other repairs might be more complex and will need to be scheduled. Either way, you won’t have to wait very long to once again enjoy that piece you always loved. Once you have it back looking brand-new, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get it fixed!

Repair or Recreate

That pair of earrings you threw out because one piece broke? What a shame! Earring repair is particularly common because not only can you have the broken piece repaired, it’s often easy to remake the piece based on the one that’s still intact if you lost one.

Trusted Service

Leaving behind sentimental jewelry or a beloved watch for repair can be unnerving for many people. At your local jewelry repair shop, the Jewelry Design Gallery, our skilled jewelers and watchmakers perform most of our repair services onsite in our store. Not only does this allow for high-quality services to be completed in a more timely fashion, it also provides you with added protection and peace of mind.

Necklace, Ring, Bracelet, and Earring Repair You Can Trust

If you’d like your jewelry repaired by experts you can count on, bring your piece to the Jewelry Design Gallery. We offer the best in jewelry repairs in Monmouth, Middlesex and Ocean counties, and there’s no job too small or large. Contact us today!

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