Which Fine Jewelry Trends 2017 Make Great Holiday Gifts?

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Tis’ the season to shop, shop and shop for holiday gifts for your loved ones. Whether you’re researching fine jewelry trends 2017 to pick out something special for your mom or, checking out some seriously fancy earrings for your wife-to-be, jewelry is the gift that really keeps on giving. Consider the right piece of jewelry as the frame for your friend or family member’s lovely face. Truly, there’s nothing more thoughtful, generous and sometimes, romantic as a gift than a piece of jewelry, whether it’s a pair of dangling earrings or a unique bracelet.

If your favorite friend or partner can’t get enough of on-trend jewelry looks, then keep reading. We’ll dive into the latest trends from 3-tier necklace styles, to geometric pattern-style earrings. Amongst these different trends, you’re sure to find some inspiration when shopping for the best holiday gift for someone you love.

And keep in mind as you shop for a jewelry gift, choose a reputable local jeweler that provides everything from custom jewelry design to repairs, sales and more. You’ll get the best service—and the best gift by doing so!

Everything from 3-Tier Necklace Styles to Drop Earrings: Trendy Holiday Gift Ideas

From the runway to the “real-way,” discover trending necklaces and other popular jewelry styles to pick the best holiday gift.

Layered Necklaces: 3-Tier Necklace, Initial, Birthstone and More

Birthstone, Baby:

For the mom who loves her kids or the woman with birthday pride, birthstone necklaces are always a hit! They’re not just trendy right now, but they’re often in fashion, meaning that she’ll look good for years to come. Moms especially like ones that have her birthstone, plus the kids’.

Superstitiously Wonderful:

The runways stood out with talisman, moon and celestial inspired necklaces. From warding off the evil eye to the moon, these symbols were on the necks of many models, especially with a touch of gorgeous sapphire blue. For a woman that likes to be edgier, try buying her a talisman-inspired choker style necklace.

Initially, Yours:

For the woman who’s doesn’t like to go too wild on trends, an initial necklace is a safe bet…unless you want to go a bit funkier.

From dog tags to name plates or necklaces baring her name in a gothic choker style, this could be an incredibly fun and memorable gift to give! And yes, we said dog tags: 14K gold and diamond dog tags could be a splashy way to give her her “gold initial” right on her chest!

3-Tier, Hurray!:

3-tier style necklaces can work for any woman.

You can shop a 3-tier style complete with circles that on each strand, get gradually bigger, or you can go more on trend, which has different symbols and gems on each strand, like a heart, star and cross on each separate strand. Every day objects are the current trend symbol on fashionable necks everywhere, so don’t be surprised at what you see as you shop and browse.

These trending necklaces are sure to make her smile from ear to ear this holiday!

Drop Earrings & Bracelets: Perfect Gifts She’ll Remember Forever

For the lady who wants adornment on her wrist or her ears, here are a few inspirational ideas for your holiday shopping lists:

Earring Trends:

Flashy, Flashy:

Big style chandelier earrings are super popular with fashionistas, especially incredibly sparkly ones.

Young & Rebellious:

For the young or the ever- rebellious, try punk style earrings with barbed wire or nails/studs.

Out of Shape:

Asymmetrical style earrings are very big right now! To the gift-giver, this may seem strange but it’s absolutely fabulous to your trendy lady friend.

Tassel, No Hassle:

Big tassel style earrings are on-point with trend this season.

When it comes to earrings and actually jewelry in general, you’ll also find faux-pearls very popular and ball-drop earrings still are making the magazine pages, as well.


Unique Patterns:

Personalize your wrist with a twist of your initials. Be unique for this trend.

Statement Bracelets: Colored Stones

How about a cuff for her beautiful wrist? A statement bracelet like that really shows off her gorgeous hand.


No matter what you end up buying her this holiday, if it’s jewelry, you’re already on her good list. Trust us.

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