Engagement Ring Trends: Pop the Question in Style This Year

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Asking someone to marry you might just be the most nerve wracking event in your life ever! So, if you’ve decided that now is the time to pop the question, you need to do some research on engagement ring trends and styles so you can pick only the absolute best for your hopeful wife to be.  Personal taste is of course really going to dictate your choice, as well as her hand shape and size. Some hands and fingers look better with different shaped rings, but really however it looks, you’re going to want to pick the ring she loves—no matter what.

Let’s get a closer look at some of the most popular engagement ring styles to date. Whether it’s the new halo engagement rings seen on so many fingers or some beautiful filigree side work under the center stone, there is most certainly the perfect ring for your beloved, we guarantee it!

Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles from Rose Gold to Halo and Beyond

First, before making quite a few shopping trips online and in the shops, consider a few things when picking an engagement ring for your hopeful fiancée.

  1. Is she very trendy in taste or more subdued?
  2. Does she have a particular cut in mind or diamond size?
  3. As far as color, is she one to veer towards the new trend of colored gem stones?
  4. Is she looking for a particular style in terms of delicate or perhaps vintage?

These are just a few things to keep in mind. And if she is someone who wants a truly unique ring, ask shops and google to see if they design engagement ring custom styles or not. In this case if you choose to design an engagement ring, make sure you are working with a reputable jeweler who is known for creating custom jewelry.

Engagement Ring Styles:

  1. Halo Engagement Rings:

This style is a setting style where a center diamond or gemstone is encircled with round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds or colored gemstones. They really draw attention to the ring and will make the center stone or diamond look significantly bigger. Not too shabby.

  1. Oval Shape & Pear Shape:

This shape ring is trendy because it gives a vintage look and many ladies are really loving the vintage style engagement rings these days. It’s a clean look and really can look good on most hands. Oval is more of a classic style, whereas Pear cut, which has made a comeback, is more for a trendier, scene stealing lady.

  1. Colored Gemstones:

A sapphire makes for a real standout gemstone…yes make no mistake, engagement rings are not the same as your mother’s!

  1. Intricate Filigree/ Infinity Flower Patterns/Scrolling:

For a woman that wants a real artistic and romantic quality to her ring, adding some filigree or a flower/scrolling pattern under the center stone will really take her breath away! Let’s not forget the infinity ring that has diamonds or stones all around…incredibly jaw-dropping and captivating.

  1. Rose Gold & Mixing Metals:

Rings made of rose gold is very on trend. The hue is so romantic and really flattering for many skin tones. The other big trend is mixing metals: having an engagement ring in rose gold, and perhaps a wedding band in another color metal so there is an accent.

  1. Design Engagement Ring of Your Own:

Unique stones… pavé accents…rings without one single center stone.

The possibilities are endless. Just remember if you are designing your own ring, go to a very reputable custom jewelry maker…do not scrimp here or you will regret it later on.


Happy shopping!

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