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Did you gain or lose some weight and now suddenly, your ring doesn’t quite fit? Are you looking to change your ring to a different finger and so you’re wondering what is the best way to go about ring resizing? Rest assured, sizing a ring down or up is not rocket science…as long as you’re dealing with an expert jeweler! If you’re looking to have your ring resized, here are some tips on what to expect and where you need to go in order to have your precious ring properly resized.

Where Can I Get My Ring Resized?

First things first!

Making sure you get your ring resized with the right person is key.

This is not the job for just any jewelry store. You need to go to a jeweler who is an expert on jewelry creation, repairs and resizing. If you aren’t careful with who you turn your ring over to, you can have many issues. If you ask where can I get my ring resized around in your community for local jeweler referrals, you are bound to get some information on experiences other people had with ring sizing, since it’s such a common thing for people to adjust the size of a beloved ring.

Here are some reasons it’s important to get your ring in the hand of the right jeweler!

  • Sizing up more than one or two sizes is extremely difficult!
  • Engravings can be lost if the wrong person gets his or her hands on your ring
  • Certain gems are delicate: does this jeweler have experience doing resizing often?
  • If not careful, prongs can be damaged and diamonds can be misaligned in the process

It is vital to go to a jeweler who does ring resizing frequently and in most cases an expert won’t mind doing a ring sizing while you wait which is wonderful.

Keep in mind that finding the right jeweler is so important that it’s worth spending extra money to make sure the job is done right because once it’s resized, it’s done. You can readjust, but you want to be sure you don’t lose any of the essential features of the ring that matter to you.

And one more pro tip before we move on? If a jeweler balks or seems hesitant over your ring needs, don’t go with that jeweler! You don’t want someone who appears too challenged or uninterested or hesitant over your ring sizing needs.

Sizing A Ring Down…Or Up: Tips Before You Hand Your Ring Over

#1 Sizing Down:

Sizing a ring down is much easier than making it larger. Of course in some cases, instead of sizing the ring down, it may be easier for you to get a ring overlay, especially if the ring is delicate and not too much bigger than your actual ring size. Keep in mind: after a ring is sized down, the ring should have a polished surface and there should be no sign that the ring was resized.

#2 Sizing up:

Sizing a ring up requires one of two methods usually:

  • Stretching, depending on the ring design and metal or
  • Reworking the ring by cutting into it and the adding other pieces of metal into the gap.

No matter what method, just as when sizing a ring down, you shouldn’t see any details that suggest the ring was resized.

Bottom line, when it comes to resizing, not all rings are as easily resized as others. Your smartest move is to get a referral to a local jeweler and ask for a consultation in order to ensure that your favorite ring is treated like “gold!” (Or silver…platinum…rose gold, etc.)

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